Building A Mystery

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Find Padraig near the Cardovek Remnants.

Travel east from Sanctum Mysterium in Celestial Hills along the path.

Kill Lokian sorcerers to recover an intact cryptograph.

Drop rate 100% off of Lokian sorcerer. Level 24 sorcerers. Located at the orange dots.

Bring the Cryptograph to Padraig.

Kill Lokian berserkers in the Cardovek Remnants and recover their decryption device.

Kill a Lokian berserker, located at the purple dots

Use the decryption device to decipher the cryptograph.

Use the item in your inventory you just got from the Lokian berserker five times.

Bring the Decrypted Message to Padraig

Find Tezluar and kill him.

Report back to Padraig.

Report to Inquisitor Mattin at the Sanctum Mysterium.

Speak with Mattin and teleport together.

  • Speak with Mattin again and defend him from attack.

Use the teleport option to teleport into a mini-instance and select "Protect Mattin as he works"

  • Event takes 5mins.

Reward: 60 silver | 60,000 XP

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